August 7th 2016

New releases out now, due to the label being in a bad financial situation trades for these will be handled at a later time.


SolaceCD013 - Ceremony "Ceremony Of The Goat 1992-1994"

Ancient USBM from the Rio Grande hailing to the glory days of Norsk Arisk black metal and great American death metal. Left behind by technology this music is now back again as CD in conspiracy with Winter Solace productions to conjure a new generation of American black metal supremacy. Ceremony has been an idea in some capacity longer then I have been alive and seen has all these trends rise and fall apart. Authorized distribution in Europe will be DTB/Merchant of Death and War Kommand Records.

Sample Track: Black Spells in a Dark Forest, Oath To The Goat


Tapes (Metal)

Alocer 88 "For Our Blood" Sample
Calth "Unrevelation" Sample
Camicia Nera "I'Ultimo Imperatore" Sample
Granatus "Scum Slayer" Sample
Granatus/Incanate "Sieg" Samples: Granatus Incanate
Grimnir "Starhemberg" Sample
Impery "I - Eternal Abyss Of The Soul" Sample
Impery "Ars Goetia" Sample
Regurgitated Corpse/Morgue Fetus/Nauseous Regurgitation ‎"3 Ways Of Nauseated Corpse Rotting In The Morgue" Samples
Satan 88/Sadomaso Control "Vitória Do Orgasmo N.S.B.M." Samples: Satan 88 Sadomaso Control
Wintercold ‎"Invoke The Ancient Beast" Sample
Wintercold "Fascinated Of The Unknown" Samples
Woe Is The Accursed Earth ‎"The Awakening" Samples
Zotz Kimil "Terror Nacionalista" Sample

CDrs (metal)

Beastiality Boys/Cum Book "Enema Anal Explosion" Full Stream
Beltane "Democide" Sample
Cryptorsatan/Impalatorium "Völkische Bewegung" Full Stream
Cryptorsatan/Satan 88 "Antizionist Pactum Legion Satanicum 88" Samples: Cryptorsatan Satan 88
Cryptorsatan "Serpentiiskvlt 666" Sample
Fuck Hole "Grinding And Blasting, Blasting And Grinding" Sample
Granatus "Cura Vitoriosa" Sample
Granatus "Combat Street" Sample
Granatus/Sadomaso Control "La Libertà è un Cadavere in Putrefazione..." Samples: Granatus Sadomaso Control
Granatus/Infectorem Slag ‎"Os Conquistadires Di Tridimensional Evolutivo" Samples: Infectorem Slag Granats
Granatus ‎– Psicose 88 Maxi Single [Promo] Sample
Granatus/Goblin SS "Italo-Pavlisarvm Kommando" Samples: Goblin SS Granatus
Granatus "Maximvs" Sample
Granatus "Exercitvs Omnino Victores Discederent Est Enim Calix Sangvinis [Vademecvm]" Sample
Data CDr with over 2 hours of materials in this style by this project.

Impalatorium ‎"Diabolic Extermination" Sample
Impalatorium "Centvrivs Bellvm Dominator" Sample
Milfthrone "Acid Satan Copulation" Sample
Pork Necrophiliac "Surgical Fuckworm Orphanage" Sample
Sliced Tounge "Intestinal Mutilation Mutation Butchery" Full Stream

CDrs (non metal)

Cowboys From The Shit ‎"W La Droga" (Stoner Rock) Sample
Gleichgultigkeit ‎"112 Dirtbag" (Electronic) Sample
Noise Masochist "Total Fucking Chaos" Sample

CDs (Metal)

Apparition/Aek Gwi/Fenrisulf/Juno Bloodlust/Svar Fra Hedensk ‎"Oriental Abyss"
Samples: Fenrisulf, Juno Bloodlust, Svar Fra Hedensk

Black Cilice ‎"Summoning The Night"
Celestia ‎"Delhÿs-Cätes" Sample
Endless Battle ‎"Шляхами Безодні" Sample
Fra Hedensk Tid ‎"回帰への祈" Sample
Frost "Maître Des Illusions" Sample
Frost ‎"Woodspirit" Sample
Gnieu ‎"In The Vortexes Of Existence Awareness" Sample
Gnome ‎"Silent Scream" Sample
Gorugoth ‎"Gorugoth" Sample
Hermitage "The Stone Raven" Sample
Hurusoma "Sombre Iconoclasm" Sample
Infernal Necromancy "1997 - 2000" Sample
Infernal Necromancy "2001 - 2002" Sample
Infernal Necromancy "2002 - 2006" Sample
Infernal Necromancy ‎"Infernal Necromancy" Sample
Juno Bloodlust ‎"The Lord Of Obsession" Sample
Kres ‎"Na Krawędziach Nocy" Sample
Likvann/Gravkors ‎"Split" Sample
Morok "And I Walk Among The Shadows..." Sample
Mortes Saltantes "黄泉還り" Sample
North "Demo'ns Of Fire 93/94" Sample
Paths ‎"Beauty And Nihility" Full Stream
Severoth ‎"Solitude" Full Stream
Severoth ‎"Winterfall" Full Stream
Slavogorje ‎"Pjesni" Sample
Stworz ‎"Cóż Po Żyznych Ziemiach..." Full Stream
Stworz "Zagony Bogow" Full Stream
Via Dolorosa ‎"Immortal Ad Vitam" Sample
Wędrujący Wiatr ‎"Tam, Gdzie Miesiąc Opłakuje Świt"
Yvonxhe "De Praestigiis Daemonum" Sample
Yvonxhe "Multicolored Libricide" Full Stream