March 21st 2016

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Solace202 - Dark Awake "Soil, Blood...And The Reaping Of Light"

Post-Industrial music is the proper umbrella term for Industrial music after the 1980's that mixes together most of the numerous sub-genres within the world of Industrial music. Dark Awake come from Greece and fall somewhere between Ambient, Neo-folk, Martial, Neoclassical and Avant-Garde music. Industrial proper mixing themes of Right Wing Occultism, Thelema, and Alchemy with dark sonic tones and ambient keys. Tape reissue of the album from 2013 onto a professionally manufactured tape with high quality covers.

Review, Full Stream

Solace207/W.K.P 145/FR03 - Intolerable Nudity "Intolerable Unity"
Solace208/W.K.P 153/FR05 - Intolerable Nudity "Intolerable Hatred"

Intolerable Nudity is the first Death Metal band released by Winter Solace. Hailing from the Impact Zone in sunny Florida, this is good old American death metal. Styled after the original bands that built the genre way back in the day and a fun throwback to a time when metal was metal and there was zero bullshit. Co-released with War Kommand and Frezzing Records, any copies of Intolerable Hatred bearing the catalog number FR04 are bootlegs.

Sample Tracks: Black Graves Gun Killer

Solace212 - Satanic Prophecy/Astral Legions "The Sinister Few"

Recently I stocked demos of the band Satanic Prophecy from California, these flew under the radar and were noticed by no one, labeled as “another bedroom band” by people and forgotten about. However what the world fails to understand is that eventually these kids grow up, get better equipment and then the real potential shows forth. Satanic Prophecy is one such a case, expanding from raw black metal into a new sound resembling the “Golden Age” of USBM.

Astral Legions have become one of the most in your face bands this label has put out, never pulling any punches or compromising their image to appease the Social Justice “Activism” within black metal. The tracks hear show the continued evolution of the band taking a more death metal-ish approach to their music but without forsaking the raw black metal sound of the early demos. Their limited demo CD with an actual WW2 Reichsmark is also still in stock.

Sample Tracks: Satanic Prophecy Astral Legions

Solace213 – Astral Legions/Einsatzgruppen/Vorfahrkult “The Great One”

Astral Legions & Einsatzgruppen have quickly taken over the idea of American NSBM. Vorfahrkult is a third band, together the three projects form a movement known Horde Sinistra. This release is their tribute to the man who is the most controversial figure in world history. 4 tracks of raw uncompressed NSBM.

Sample Track: Einsatzgruppen

Solace214 – Einsatzgruppen/Balmung “Enter The Hyperborean Forest Of Hatred”

USNSBM is always a great obscurity, bands show up do a few demos and disappear. These demos will gain status for the mystery behind them. Balmung is such a band, esoteric NSBM from 1999 that disappeared after one demo. They have come back for a last passing of the torch to the band Einsatzgruppen to run with. Three new tracks and a Wulfhere cover from Einsatzgruppen compliment the only authorized reissue of the long lost Balmung material from back in the day.

Samples: Einsatzgruppen Balmung

Solace215 - Grond "Forest Crypt"

Grond, the battering ram. Rarely does this label focus upon modern American traditional black metal, as either leftist influence upon the genre is quite abound or the belligerent right wing image is an obvious fraud to play into the current trend. Grond is an exception to this rule, a new American black metal band devoid of the usual garbage that has come to be associated with USBM. An exquisite listen rich with influence of the second wave European masters but with an unique flair that with allow this band to be one of the few that breaks into something worth listening too.

Sample Track: The Silver Light

Solace216 - Dreams Of Nature "Fields Of Nature"

Dreams of Nature is a Dungeon/Fantasy black metal band from Coloumbia, probably the only one there. Taking a heavy influence from cold Russian DSBM (which sounds very different then the DSBM has come to be hated by a certain vocal group) blending it with Dungeon Synth and a touch Gothic music to make something that is beyond the overpopulated black metal/”ambient” genre.

Sample Track: Eyes Like Snow/White Marble Eyes (Summoning Cover)

Solace217 - Gloriosa Bandeira NS "NS Soldier 88"
Solace218 - Gloriosa Bandeira NS "O Eterno Antisemita"

Gloriosa Baneira N.S is nothing more than complete arrogance in the face of Marxism. These 2 new demos are the first barrage attack of an onslaught of 24 upcoming demos crafted after the frontman recent release from prison. In order to have the world know their message against the communist government of Brazil is serious this band shall purposefully be as prolific as possible. GBNS makes lone wolf NSBM without regard to such leftist ideals as music theory, polished production, bass guitars or a human drummer. These demos are more then just music and will be treasured by the elite only, who hail the raw NSBM masters such as Tank Genocide, Cosmic Breath 88 and anything released by the label Nazi Propaganda.

Sample Tracks: "Fuck You! ISIS!" "Psicopata Anti Jedeus"

Solace219 – 8E4 “Infinity Does Not Equal Infinity”

This a tape reissue of the Cdr War Kommand Productions did called 8 ≠ 8. NS Techno meets Right Wing Dadaism. I'll be honest, I have no clue what exactly you'd file this under.

Sample Track: Untitled

As always * = Recommended.

CDs (Metal)

Groma Glas/Avitas – Freezing The Holy Land
Kamaedzitca - Безмолвные Слова Твои
Волчий Крест ‎– Чёрным Крылом В Сумрак Лесов (Концерт В Ярославле 2009) Sample


Агрессор ‎– Рождённый Ненавидеть
Gondviselés ‎– Build, Forward!
Various "Рыцари Чести Volume 2" (Russian RAC)

CD-r's (Metal)

Sonnenrad/Terror 88 "TotalitAryan Intolerance/Roasted Subversive" Samples: Sonnenrad Terror 88
Sonnenrad/Terroreactor ‎"Discipline of Intolerance" Samples: Sonnenrad Terroreactor
Xiuhcoatl "Blood Oath" Sample


Astral Legions/Einsatzgruppen/Vorfahrkult “The Great One” Sample
Dreams Of Nature "Fields Of Nature" Sample
Einsatzgruppen/Balmung “Enter The Hyperborean Forest Of Hatred” Samples: EG Balmung
Gloriosa Bandeira NS "NS Soldier 88" Sample
Gloriosa Bandeira NS "O Eterno Antisemita" Sample
Grond "Forest Crypt" Sample
Intolerable Nudity "Intolerable Unity" Sample
Intolerable Nudity "Intolerable Hatred" Sample
Satanic Prophecy/Astral Legions "The Sinister Few" Sample Tracks: SP AL

Tapes (Non Metal)

8E4 “Infinity Does Not Equal Infinity” Sample
Dark Awake "Soil, Blood...And The Reaping Of Light" Full Stream