April 9th 2015

Winter Solace is born again, as can be evident by the new website and new "Egyptian Antichrist" label logo. I and I also Tweet now, to follow me on twitter click on the links in the banner. I've relocated to somewhere far less spiritually toxic so hopefully that works out.

According to an actual letter I got from the German Bundesprüfstelle Für Jugendgefährdende Medien (or the BPjM) I have done the persons of that country a disservice. Per this letter they claim that this old release is "harmful to minors if it tends to endanger their process of developing a socially responsible and self-reliant personality" and felt the need to put it on the German Banned Index. Seeing as the main goal of this label is to encourage people to be self-reliant and socially responsible I think some confusion has happened. In America thinking for oneself and questioning reality is traits of self-reliance, however I guess in Germany it must mean something different. I'm sorry that this labels existence cost the German taxpayers 5 euro to mail me a letter that I posted on Facebook for everyone to laugh at. While I know making an apology is frowned upon by the underground but I think this time it's justified. I mean the BPjM has to conserve it's resources, it will take a lot of time and resources to bring one of the biggest Holocaust deniers of all time, an organization called in German, and forgive me if I have this spelled wrong, the Bundesprüfstelle Für Jugendgefährdende Medien to justice. Because I am also psychic I stopped distributing this release several years ago to keep the citizens of German safe, they should mail me an award.

Site is pretty much as self-explanatory as before. The old mailing list fell apart so if you want to be in the new one please go the contact page and sign back up.

Distro is back online with more payment options offered, we also have a discount program now too.

New Arrivals


Dark Fury/Ohtar "Auri Sacra Fames/Necrohate" Full Stream
Ulvegr "Where The Icecold Blood Storms" Sample


Filopatria "Order Through Chaos" Sample (Oi/Punk/RAC)
Gaskammer "Judocarnage" Sample
Other NSBM project of the 88 frontman.

Orchid "Весть Минувшего" Sample (CD-r) $3.00
Ambient Neofolk Project with Moloth members.