February 1st 2016

The band Rodna Zashtita has been dropped from this label and added to the blacklist, they failed to embody the professionalism and loyalty demanded of artists at their level by this label. A serious position is being taken on this matter for the following reason: label hopping makes this label look weak and this has been a ongoing problem for years now and most of the bands that do this fail to remember where they came from. We will also blacklist any labels caught attempting to poach bands from this label.

The following releases are now sold out/destroyed due to low sales. Some of these titles were also blacklisted by diszogs and because people can't figure how to order outside that fascist website there would have never been any sales.

Solace054 - Lord Foul "Misanthropic Jounrey" (Last copies sent to War Kommand Prod in Italy, anything below with a * also had this happen)
Solace062 - Frost "Purifier Par Le Feu" (Last copies traded to Freezing Records in Illinois)
Solace067 - Vinland Special Services/NS Ninja - "Occupy NSBM"
Solace080 – Republic/Protocols “Meditation Music Volume One” (CD as well)
Solace120 - Yggr "Demo I"
Solace130 - Estonian Synagogue Destruction "Aryan Attack 1488" (CD is also gone too)
Solace140 - Insane Hour "Cacophony of the Nihilistic Mentality"*
Solace147 - Estonian Synagogue Destruction "Narwa!"*
Solace149 - Klontaveum/Protocols "Glory & Hope/Fa"*
Solace158 - Shades Rakshasa
Solace173 - Astral Legions/Aryan Assault "Siege: A New Platform" (AL portion to be reissued on tape in the future)
Solace189 - Nationalistic Marshal "Nationalistic Pride" (Band is also now split up I think)
Solace192 – Aryan Assault/Whispersorrow "Aryan Assault/Whispersorrow"

Also gone is the early releases of Strike Force 28 about Ukraine, and the first CWoT tape.

An update about upcoming releases will be posted on facebook in a couple of days. It has been very difficult here since last August due to many outside problems. New releases will be out in February.

Seeing as people still send us demos anyways without us asking for them this policy has been revised. We are only looking for artists who speak fluent English and we will not offer CDs to new bands that just show up unless there is an obvious reason to do it.

New Products in stock, Imports Italy and obscure CDr demos.

In stock is some ancient obscure Russian Death & Thrash gems from Russia. All of these are solid gold from before the 00's decade and the limited tapes are probably the only way to get them here in America. The Phantasm album is considered the holy grail of Russian OSDM.

As always * = Recommended.

CDs (Metal)

1389 "Ledena Pustoš"
1389 ‎"Povratak"
A Monumental Black Statue ‎"L'ultimo Sogno" Full Stream
Bestia Metálica ‎"Compilacion" (Spanish language 80s Metal) $4.00 Sample Track: Asesino
Braquemaard "Pendu...." Promo tracks
Carbonized "Carbonized Demo Collection" ($4.00 - Bootleg - Torn back inserts) Full Stream
Chaotic Symmetry ‎"Ερπώμενοι" Sample
Curriculum Mortis "Sentencia de Muerte" (Peruvian Ounk/Thrash from 93) Sample Track: Sentencia De Muerte
Hohl ‎"The Codex Odium" Sample Track: Requiem For Specific Ritual
Lord Of Depression/Infernal Sacrament/Tetragrammacide ‎"Atomic Regurgitation From The Three Mouths Of Humanicidal Hate" Sample: LoD
Lucifer "The Dark Christ" (Comp of early Swedish death metal, total recommendation) Sample: The Altar
Namter ‎– Il Rifugio Della Creazione Sample
Necroslut ‎"The Envoy Of Satanic Decree" Promo Tracks
Nihilist/Entombed ‎"Drowned" (Bootleg) This Version
Nordkampf ‎"Vi Är Ej De Sista Av Igår, Vi Är De Första Av Imorgon" Full Stream
*Régiment ‎"On Les Aura!" Full Album
Seges Findere ‎"Massacre Supremacista" (New Reissue from Brazil)
Svartr Sturm ‎"En Route Vers Le Front" Sample
*Theoria ‎"Mantra" Sample Track: Theoria
*Toxodeth "Morbidest Reality (An Observation)" (Strange Death Metal from 1993) Sample
Unleashed "...And The Laughter Has Died" (Bootleg) This Version
Velimor ‎"Master Of Illusions" (Restock) Sample
Wald "Рог Войны" Promo Sample
Xyster ‎"Control Nocturno" (Spanish language 80s Metal) $4.00 Sample
Zurzir ‎"Sangue, Glória E Raça" (Metal/RAC) Sample


Ancestors "II"
Angelust ‎"Pussy Annihilator" Sample: Hammered (In The Name Of Rock And Roll)
Blood Stained Dusk "Continuance Of Evil" Sample: Continuance Of Evil
Broken Soul "Caedium Vitae" Sample Track: Le Bois De'Filosofes
Crazer ‎"На пределе жестокости" Scroll Down and Find Release For Samples (ЧП-043)
Crazer ‎"Your Cross - Your Death" Scroll Down and Find Release For Samples (ЧП-044)
Crazer "The Womb" Scroll Down and Find Release For Samples (ЧП-045)
Crazer "Без тормозов" Scroll Down and Find Release For Samples (ЧП-046)
Crazer "Насквозь" Scroll Down and Find Release For Samples (ЧП-047)
Crazer ‎"Dreams Of Guiliotine" Scroll Down and Find Release For Samples (ЧП-048)
Culto Macabro ‎"Anjo Demente: A Eterna Jornada Do Abismo" Full Album Stream
Death Vomit "Death Vomit" Full Stream
Filthy Flesh ‎"Victim Of Suppuration" Scroll Down and Find Release For Samples (ЧП-038)
Goatfukk "Demo I" Sample Track: Bomben Uber Jerusalem
Hellraiser "We'll Bury You!" Sample Track: Danger Zone
Hellveto "Hellveto" Sample Track: Zapomniane Zlo
Hellveto "Horned Sky" Sample Track: The Sword of Triglav
Hellveto "Medieval Scream" Sample Track: Knell Of Darkness
Kaiserreich ‎"KRRH" Sample Track: Aletheia Miit Veritas Mundi
Krüger "Рожденный Мраком" Sample Track: Рожденный Мраком
Maniac Butcher ‎"Epitaph - The Final Onslaught Of Maniac Butcher" Sample: Official Music Video
Mortem "Amputator" Sample Track: Amputator
Nargothrond "Promo Tape' 98" Full Stream
Ordo Blasphemus ‎"Lemegeton" Sample
Phantasm "Keeper of Death" Sample Better Quality
Propeller "Always Say Die" Sample: Brain
Recluse "The Black Famine" Sample: Erect Holy Strangulation
Sardonic Witchery "Kult Of The Underground Warrior" Full Stream
Satanic Prophecy "Awakening A Damned Soul" Sample: The Demon
Satanic Prophecy "Dark Satanic Melancholic Hymns" Sample: Land Of Despair
Satanic Prophecy "Decaying Existence" Sample: Jounrey Through A Suffocated Cave
Satanize "Demonic Conquest In Jerusalem"
Seges Findere ‎"Massacre Supremacista"
Seges Findere "Dessemitize"
Teoria "Self Denying" Scroll Down and Find Release For Samples (ЧП-037)
Unholy Crucifix ‎"Morbid Edifice"
Unholy Crucifix "Seance Of Death"
West Wall "Blitzkrieg Symphony #1 in D-Minor" Sample: Panzer Voran
Холостой Выстрел "Тотальный исход" Full stream

Tapes (Non Metal)

Grylle ‎"Monstres Et Merveilles" (Neofolk) Sample