June 16th 2015

Well I feel I should probably do an update seeing as some people were thinking the label is dead, despite there not being much to update. Planned releases are all delayed until further notice, I think I had quoted August to some people but that is still being pushed back. In regards to everything else.

First I want to thank everyone who has continued to show their support to this label when right now it is basically limping along. I'd also like to take a special moment to thank the Clandestine industry exploiting hard working underground artists to date, they have used there efforts to launch a propaganda campaign in support of the newest The Meads of Asphodel/Tjolgtjar split LP, hopefully new people will be able to support Preston and his works. I don't have to say much more about the current economic distress upon this label, I think it should be obvious. The world is stacked against people trying to rebuild there lives elsewhere, and this struggle has imposed some hard times upon myself. The people who set all this in motion don't know what hard times are, hard times are when you can't afford to retire cause you give up your nest egg to keep your house, hard times are when you forgot how to interact with other humans because the only jobs you could get for the past ten years were when they slept, hard times are when you can't afford to press music for artists that deserve it because everyone is too afraid to tell anyone your label exists, hard times are when they ban selling your labels releases and everything just rots away, hard times are when you make music for other labels and they release it without ever listening to it, hard times are when they jack up shipping rates and you lose half your customers. They put hard times on all of us and the only real subhumans are those who cower away and die. Now I know this label is not how a black metal label is supposed to look, my music & behavior is a little unusual, some of the bands here are a little outspoken and some of the stuff we've put out is a little too new for people to handle but were still here. Somebody new always shows up and says they're real bad, and everyone goes and eats out of there hand for a while, then when it all falls apart they come back here. Everyone else wishes it was the early nineties again while everyone here reinvents the wheel (or invents something new) every time there is new releases, even when we can only afford to print them on copy paper. In some years when all the people from the "old scene" retire, I'll still be here for more hard times.

2 New tape releases out now as the label slowly limps on.

Solace203 - Ilsa Koch/Hate Ejaculation "Buy Direct, Don't Feed The Monster"

This is the third collaboration between myself and "Khonsu Fascinus" of the Hate Ejaculation project. He approached me awhile back and claimed to have experienced some kind of spiritual awakening and wished to make a recording together with him "being in his true form" compared to the other two we did. Musically this is total Dark Ambient propaganda and I feel personally to be some of the strongest works of that genre to come out of this label. The Ilsa Koch material sampled below is the first track I made using a metal drum sample kit. The Hate Ejaculation portion is massive expansion upon there sounds on the tape released for the South Sudan. The overall concept is Supernormal Stimuli and it's overall effect upon society, which is knowledge I think MANY people in black metal, power electronics and outsider music community could benefit from being exposed to. The back insert is a written political manifesto by the Hate Ejaculation artist where he discusses such things as: being turned into a homosexual because of pornography, being 5000 years old, his dreams of changing into a flying saucer to attack Boko Haram as part of his "Lone Wolf South Sudanese Resistance" or something, and his Lunar Atlantist religion.

Sample Tracks - Ilsa Koch & Hate Ejaculation

Solace132 - Ilsa Koch "Hard Boiled"

I was at one point giving these away to random people as a CD-r with inserts made out of trash. These are ambient tracks I originally made for the now defunct Brotherhood of Light adventure. Reissue with an insert, dark ambient/computer music.

Sample Track: "Life is a Bowl of Cherries and This is Just the Pits"

New Arrivals

Besides the new industrial tapes above I have limited copies of the Hohl "Megiddo" tape in stock. With this band it would seem that Judas lives. This is a track from the new Hohl tape EP "Megiddo" that I got in stock from the resurrected Freezing records label. Hohl has taken the underground by storm and the reasons why are quite obvious once you listen to this. Hohl was formed in the same region of Minnesota that gave birth to this label (they're listed base is an hour south of where the old HQ was) and bands like Vothana.

I only got a small number of copies for this in stock, I can sell them for much cheaper then freezing so I won't stockpile these, but I still want to promote it to show support.

Tapes (Black Metal)

Hohl "Megiddo" Sample track: The Beast