August 4th 2015

Out Now!

SolaceCD001 - Vinland Special Services "A Coffin For Pyongyang Sally"

Once upon a time I was a power electronics artist, this song is probably a little long for the attention spans of some people but whatever. This is a track from the first VSS full length album "A Coffin For Pyongyang Sally", which is to date the only album ever made themed about the North Korean situation. I sent my music to everywhere I could think off and all I got was lies from people like Ron Lessard claiming support, and offers by labels that had either no idea what they were dealing with or didn't actually listen to my music. Considering that your average black metal looks at this stuff as mindless noise, sales of the original tape were dismal. I still to this day have absolutely no idea where, or how to promote my own music.

Early demos of this project made when I was 20 years old bore the name "Vinland SS" and everything was taken out of context due to my business associations. Thanks to some kids on discogs dot com hacking the Winter Solace website to complete my profile there I've been exiled like your average liberal fascist dissident ever sense. Certain distro's labeling my music as NSBM didn't help either. Everybody knows a bunch of sexual deviants from Europe and calls that "art" but nobody knows The Residents.

Hearing damage would put an end to this project in 2014, and the CD of this album has been in production hell for 2 years. Hearing it now on CD at long last is somewhat refreshing and an inspiring cure for my endless writers block. Before there was NS techno, there was this, this is better. I should do this again.

Sample track: Where Is This Sea Of Fire?


Gaszimmer "Il Sangue Del Lupo" (Live in Rome 2007)
Malsaint "Eternal Reich"
Via Dolorosa/Terror 88 "W.W.N.S.B.M.A (World Wide NSBM Alliance)" Samples: Terror 88


Furor Volturno/Sadomaso Control "Gloria Patri Excelsi 666" Samples: FV SC (RAC Black Metal/War Metal)
*Luciferum Penis "Kum Kommando" Sample track of same name.
*Luciferum Penis "Penis Worship" Sample track of same name.
*Malconsiglio ‎– Rimorso (Black Metal/What Is It? - Highly Recommended) Sample Track: Luise
*Megera "Megera" Sample track
Pagan Mystery "Thru Pagan Lands" Sample Track:Vargen Hördes Yla
Sadomaso Control/Impure Essence "Under The Sign Of The Nuklear Titans" Samples: Sadomaso Control Impure Essence
Via Dolorosa/Caino "Eins, Zwei, Polizei Wernichtung NS Mix" (Black Metal/NS Techno)
Via Dolorosa/Ebola XX "Odio Antihumanio" (Black Metal/NS Techno)
Via Dolorosa/Gas Chambers "Perfect Vision Of A Bright Future" Samples: Gas Chambers
Via Dolorosa/Gang Bang Theory/Bukkake Violence Kommando/Anaalclito/Ebola SS ‎"All You Need Is Love "Ho Notato Che Sei Gay"" (Black Metal/Porngrind/NS Techno)
Via Dolorosa/Ordnung/Aryan Wood/Schutzstaffel ‎"Purification By Hellium Phenomenon" Samples: Ordnung Aryan Wood
Via Dolorosa/Sadomaso Control "Nuklear Terror Battaglione" Samples: Sadomaso Control
*V/A "Me Ne Frego!"
Featuring: 88, Gaskammer, Via Dolorosa, Hereticial Warlust, NS Ninja, Ebola SS & Others

*V/A "Aemathien - Onori Funebri Compilation Tribute To Claudio Mariotti - Aemathien Distro & Wotan's Reich Productions (15-01-1960 / 27-07-2004)"
Rare compilation of Italian NSBM. Probably the only chance to own anything by the band Waffen SS.