July 11th 2016

New releases out now, due to the label being in a bad financial situation trades for these will be handled at a later time.


Solace200 – Strike Force 28 “Africa”
The debut album of Strike Force 28 is something beyond human comprehension. A concept album similar to Wolf's Lair Abyss/Grand Declaration War & Operation Mindcrime about the SF28 band members spiritual pilgrimage to the African continent. Sent on a divine quest to advance their ideology there the band members are perused by a Hitman from a mysterious cooperation. Lyrics meshing world history with the bands strange esoteric ideology. Being the culmination of 2 years of work, this album is a statement of misanthropy and rejection against a hollow world of lies, greed, outdated world outlooks and negativity. SF28 plays Digital Aryan Techno Music without compromise.

Sample Tracks: Whitest Moor Transnistrian Thunder

Solace203 - Tjolgtjar "Kjal Tjormejn"

The past few years have been very active for JR Preston, the man behind one of the most complex projects of American Black Metal. Kjal Tjormein was their last full length recorded back in 2012, one single 40 minute track that will push black metal to new extremes. Black Metal/Jam Music that has been called by the scam known as “Metal Press” as being ahead of it's time. The cassette version is the only official release of this album authorized 100% by the band.

Full Sample Stream

Solace206 – Acrania “Fearless”

Of all the release I have done, this one will be one of my favorites to go back and listen to when I am old. This was the single greatest album of 2015, which was not surprisingly shot under the radar despite being supported by the Mexican Official Historical Society. Prog/Death,Thrash with Jazz Fusion music with Latin instruments. This album is being prasied by actual press as the only metal album to come out of Mexico that is truly Mexican.

Full Album Stream

Solace210 – Jugra/Kriegsschwur “Onwards, Beyond Time!”

Jugra continues to remain one of the most popular yet controversial bands on this roster blending Malay Nationalism, RAC and NS Black Metal into a fusion some people aren't ready for. This split is a continuation of the ideas on the first album however with a more raw production as these tracks are from a rehearsal session. Kriegsschwur are obscure German NSBM circa 1999, never being released (besides a compilation appearance) until now. The Kriegsschwur material has been restored without touching the production and still maintains the atmosphere and feeling of material from that era.

Sample Tracks: Nusantara Raya (Jugra) Serpents Of The Pale Race (Kriegsschwur)

Solace211 – Cryptorsatan “Stutthof Gas Chamber 1939”

When I moved the Lunar Heathen Front to Albania I didn't think the only actual Avant-Garde Minimalist Jam/NS Black Metal band active in the world would be living there. Cryptorsatan are a new band that have came up with something unique that will grow and take shape within the underground to change things. This album is an intro and 2 tracks one which clocks in at over an hour. Something for the adventurous listener.

Sample Track: Thy Mighty Sathanaa, The Nebular Blasphemous Antichristian Hymn

Solace220 - Gloriosa Bandeira NS "NS Order 88"
Solace221 - Gloriosa Bandeira NS/Granatus "Lixo Sub-Human"

Bands like Gloriosa Bandeira NS and Granatus are nothing more then complete arrogance in the face of the left wing politics and nowadays black metal. These demos are a continuation of the other materials.

Sample Tracks: Gloriosa Bandeira NS, Granatus

Solace222 - NS Ninja "LOL! You Can't Handle The Truth!"

Genius music or pure garbage depending on who you talk too. This compilation tape is a reissue of all the early demos in the older break core style, some unreleased music from that time and some new NS Techno dub tracks. The insert notes pull no punches, addresses how the band came to be and slay head on the misunderstands and lies written in the NSBM history book. If anyone has ever wanted an explanation or understanding to things I've done this is probably the closest you will ever get.

Sample Tracks: Medley from the first demos, Banzai! Sexy Kabuki!, The Anti DSBM Song (with Strike Force 28), Casket Dub, Aliens Among The Sheep

Solace223 – Matrimonivm “Chilean Baphometal”

Many strange things have came through this labels doors through the years, these things push the mold of various underground forms of music. Some catch and some do not, Matrimonivm is one of those things that did, however was never given a proper platform. 3 years ago this bands strange blend of noise and Sarcófago like black metal took hold within the underground, only to fade away behind Iron Bars and with the water the original distribution was written on. Exhumed by popular demand these demos are now reissued as one tape with no changes made to the original masters or format.

Sample Track: Exerp from I THINK the 2nd demo, Pimp Behind The Wheels

Solace224/W.K.P 189 – Aus Dem Norden “Aus Dem Norden”

Aus Dem Norden are a new force within Italian NSBM. Their debut recording showcases many characteristics common among that scene, and will complment a collection filled with those types of recordings. Long delayed reissue of their sold out Cdr release. Co-released with War Kommand in Italy.

Sample Tracks: Flammenwefer 35 & Totenkopf

Solace226 - Verlorener Stolz ‎– Death To Islam

The title of this pretty much sums up what is going on here. New USBM from Kentucky, tape of the Cdr.

Sample Track: Muslim Death


Lunar Heathen Front 006 - Hate Ejaculation "Lone Wolf South Sudanese Resistance"

Musing from the collective Aryan Unconscious and dialog about the blue birds and books of many faces such radical groups and peoples live on for the purposes of "Spiritual Intercourse". Dark Ambient Propaganda for the spiritual elite.

Sample Track: Jiech Mabor

Lunar Heathen Front 007 - Jewicidal Sexual Response "Masterplan Ov Aryan Dinosaur"

Hear essential wisdom about how if one follows a life of spiritual guidance he will come back as a Eugenic Sex Dinosaur in the next life. Experimental Electronic Music. May not be suitable for all persons.

Sample Track: Beelzebufo Ampinga

Lunar Heathen Front 008 - Aryan Carnival "National Anarchist Samba"

NS Techno/Hinduist/Computer Bossa Nova music. As the name implies this is a discussion about the National Anarchist political ideology and also discusses South American politics and the idea of Christanity within the Third Reich. Only for those who are ready to be unplugged from the Fourth Estate.

Sample Track: National Anarchist Samba

Lunar Heathen Front 009 - Frashokereti "They Say We Must Hate Islam"

This one is for all those peoples who stopped supporting this label and trashed us online for releasing a band from that they thought were Muslims. This will enlighten everyone and explain the entire middle east once and for all. Dark Ambient/Distortions of Persian folk music.

Sample Track: Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta


CDs (Metal)

Campo De Mayo/Permafrost "A Blindfold Stained With Blood/Haunting The Forgotten" Samples: CDM
Demonmic Rage "Consumed In Ultimate Sacrilege" Sample Track
Drünken Bastards ‎"Motherfucker In The Sky" Sample
Lascowiec "Asgard Mysteries"
V/A "Southern Elite Circle Compilation" ($3.00)
Features Ulfhethnar, Furor, Campo De Mayo & More


Astrofaes "Ad Infinitum" Sample
Butterfly Temple ‎"Колесо Чернобога" Sample
Butterfly Temple ‎"Время Мары" Sample
Inferius Torment "Islam" Sample: Sample
Malsaint/Aktion Totenkopf ‎"Glazial-Cosmöpole" Samples: Malsaint AT
Old Wainds ‎"Через Хаос К Вечной Зиме" Full Stream
Pagan Reign "Древние Воины" Full Stream
Pagan Reign ‎"Уделы Былой Веры" Full Stream
Permafrost "Pervers & Geisteskrank" Sample
Phantasm "Keeper Of Death" (Restock) Sample
Popravčí Vrch/Unholy Impurity/Hautajaisyö ‎"Three Screams Of Insanity" Sample
Rancour "Beyond Reality" Sample
Rancour "Death In The Beginning" Sample
Sodomic Baptism "Black Fire Pandemonium" Sample
Vargleide ‎"Лишь Прах, Окалину И Выжженную Землю Оставляя..."
Votz Danunor "Taste Of Blood" Sample
Vrolok ‎"Resurgence" Sample
Wewelsburg "Im Deinst Der Deutsche Wehrmacht" Sample
V/A "Hammer Of The Austral Will Vol. 1"
Who's who of Argentian NSBM/Right Wing and other extreme black metal genres.


Wolfthrone/Silberbach ‎"Parto De Fuego/Symphony Of Soul Demise" Promo Sample