November 23rd 2015

A response to what was printed about this label in the book "Wolves Among The Sheep" will be made in the coming weeks. I was not consulted in regards to this book nor had any clue I was even in it.

Out Now

Lunar Heathen Front 005 - NaziSSexNoise "....Manifesto Aryan Sexology! Total Hikikomori!"

New Propaganda from the Lunar Heathen Front. The rotting carcass of NaziSSexNoise has been exhumed once again to bring forth probably the most perverse and demented release from the LHF art collective. The writings inside show a mind ravaged by "religious pornographic consumption" and the ideals of Aryan Sexology have advocated such things as Rape and Incest in the name of Racial Purity. Note, these are not the ideals of Winter Solace nor the Lunar Heathen Front, as commentary from the Cosmic Weapon of Thule front man in the insert firmly explains the movements views and why the artist who made these original recordings was expelled. Also featured is the first of several planned responses to the attacks in Paris.

NSSN gave birth to the "NS Pornonoise" genre with such classic albums as "To Make Explode Inside Aryan Woman" and "Come Aryan Rape Incest Before Racemix" are now their back for final attack. This new c-90 contains 2 unreleased tracks with their completed masters (having all the layers of sound) and a new outro track. The B-Side of this tape contains all other material ever released by this project from the limited Thule Society and Mein Kampf tapes. Extreme NS occultism is not for children or subhumans and as the title indicates there is absolutely nothing else going on here!

Sample Track: Manifesto Aryan Sexology!

New Products in stock, Imports from DTB and other labels. As always * = Recommended.


*Blood Stronghold/Duch Czerni "The Fragments of Wandering Souls" (Venedae/Czertog camp) Sample: Video Edit
*Draziw "Architekten Des Teufels Reich" Sample: Eternal Fullmoon Insanity
*Ewigreich "Hass Und Verderben" (Complete Absurd Worship) Sample: Germania
*Stolzblut ‎"The Flame Still Burns" Sample: Awaken To a Lost World

Metal CDs

Graveland/Honor "Raiders of Revenge" (Resistance Records digipack, 2010 press) $6.00
Nordvrede ‎"State Of The Art" (Anti-Islamic black metal from the Kaevum guys)
Order Of The Death's Head ‎"Pogrom Ritual"
Order Of The Death's Head ‎"Soldat Inconnu"
Wolfkrieg "Jedem Das Seine" Sample Track: Jedem Das Seine
Wolfkrieg "Fatherland" Sample Track: Born For Battle

Industrial CDs

Sturmabteilung (German S.A) ‎"Lieder" (German Marching Songs)


Ruho/Grausamkeit ‎"Contagions/Kein N-tkommen" ($5.00)
Via Dolorosa/Wolfkrieg "Runes Of New Order/Reikon (Anima)" ($5.00)