Lunar Heathen Front


Stuff Being Sold Now
E-mail me directly for cheaper prices

Items for sale that the disczog monster has banned the sale of through there website.


Aryan Assault "Sturmwerfer" - Sample $4.00
Aryan Assault "Ubersturmkreig" - Sample $4.00
Satanachist "Crown Of The Black Sun" - Sample $5.00


Kaevum "Natur" - Sample - $15.00
(This is the repressing of the LP, probably the only ones for sale in the US)

+ A Full Update/Relaunch will be coming asap, however I can't guarantee having anything with a * by the front in stock when that happens. +

Anyone who orders gets a custom made Ilsa Koch CDr for the new EP free of charge. The only way to obtain this version is to order something from now until April 20th of this year.