Winter Solace productions offers a flat rate prices for shipment under the following system.

For 1-6 CDs (and no other types of products).

- No Jewel Cases, no stuff in DVD/Non-Traditional Boxes.

Canada: 14 USD
Everywhere Else: 16.50 USD

This must either be done through discogs or directly via e-mail/facebook/discogs.

For 1 to 20 tapes, More then 6 CDs, or any orders of different types of products – Under 1.8 Kg

Flat Rate pricing of 27 USD, for anywhere outside the United States.

Anything over 1.8 Kg are shipping in Priority Flat Rate boxes, these can get flagged by customs easily.

20 to 36 Tapes = Med Flat Rate Box

Canada – 49.60 USD
Everywhere Else - 77.80 USD

36 to 48 Tapes = Large Flat Rate Box

Canada – 64.50 USD
Everywhere Else – 101.80 USD

Anything over 48 tapes/large box will probably require a direct quote.


Registered mail (under 1.8 Kg) = Add 22 USD to price

Due to numerous problems people in Mexico & Malaysia are required to have everything sent via registered mail. It is not possible for me to accept orders to these countries over 1.8 KG.

If the webstore is not showing you the correct total, please write. For discog buyers, please complete your order through discogs.

Winter Solace releases (not all of the Industrial) are stocked by the Polish label Werewolf Promotion in Europe. There is no dedicated distribution in South America.

Contact e-mail:

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